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MIDSOUTHCON 2003: (The adventures of Hautdesert and Dramliza)

program Many thanks to Hautdesert and Dramliza for sharing their photos and scans.  And thanks to the both of them for writing about their experiences and sharing with those of us who couldn't go!  

The following report was cut and pasted from their posts at the message board. 
I've added side commentaries (by various regulars at our message board) in green.  For the original unedited conversations at the messageboard, click here and here.

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Dramliza's comments on the program (which she kindly scanned for us):  

The program cover--I like the art.
CJ Cherryh’s page inside is here.
Jane Fancher’s page is here.

MidSouthCon Table of Contents

baji pins
Haut and Dramliza had never met before MidSouthCon. Before going, they'd determined that they'd find each other by wearing pins with Ansikalden's version of the Baji-Naji symbol.


Well, we didn't exactly have to twist their arms. Jane said, "You're all wearing the same button, what does it mean?" and I said, "One of the members made a baji-naji, and we're wearing it." Jane said, "Where's mine?" and CJ said, "Where's mine???"

So Dramliza, who was closest to CJ, gave her hers, and my friend, who was closest to Jane, gave her hers, and they wore them all the rest of the day. I swear, when we said they were baji-naji's, CJ gave a great big smile. She was clearly pleased.